Sunday, February 24, 2008

Everyday Wonders

A man once came to the Chazon Ish, zt”l, steeped in terrible worry and pain. He poured his distress out before the gadol.

“In natural terms,” said the man, “there isn’t a hope of recovery. It would take a miracle! But miracles don’t happen every day,” he lamented.

The Chazon Ish shot back, “Untrue! Miracles are indeed happening every single day!”

On another occasion, a very sick man came to consult with the Chazon Ish. The doctors had given him only four more days to live, and said that they couldn’t guarantee him any longer than that.

The Chazon Ish heard the poor man’s story and said, “Let me ask you. What did Hashem create on the first day?”

The man responded, “Light.”

“And on the second day?” the Chazon Ish asked.

The man answered, “The firmament.”

And so the Chazon Ish continued to ask him about the first four days of creation. And the sick man answered each question correctly.

The gadol then said, “If Hashem could create so many things during just four days, doesn’t that mean that He could also create your remedy in four days too?”

Four days later, the newspapers declared that a wonderful new discovery called penicillin could now be obtained. The man’s relatives sent an emergency shipment over from England, and he lived!

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