Friday, March 21, 2008

The Importance of Zerizus

In the beis medrash of Rav Yitzchak Molcho, zt”l, in Solonika, learned two masmidim. One was a huge genius with an incredibly penetrating mind, but he was known to be quite attached to his creature comforts and was slow to extend himself for a mitzva. The second scholar was not blessed with the first’s acumen by any means, but he was known for his alacrity and joy in performing mitzvos as soon as the opportunity arose.

Whenever the more accomplished scholar would share his chidushim with Rav Yitzchak, the Rav would also compliment him highly. However, when the other scholar would enter the beis medrash, Rav Molcho would go further and rise as a show of respect. This irritated the first scholar to no end. Although Rav Yitzchak was not obligated to stand for either of them because his scholarship surpassed them both, there was no doubt that the first talmid chacham was far more accomplished than second. One day, the sharper man decided to take this up with the Rav.

Rav Molcho explained, “The other man’s deeds exceed his knowledge, but his zerizus proves that all of his learning is done for the sake of heaven! This is a person whose study is most worthy of my respect. Your lax attitude shows that you lack love of Hashem. If you would only internalize your learning, you would feel a powerful love of Hashem. The natural outgrowth of such love is zeal to do His will!”


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May we all merit to perform mitvos with joy and alacrity!

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