Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Power of Tears

The “gates of tears” are never locked. Rav Yehudah HaChassid explained that this even refers to one who lacks good deeds; as long as he cries to Hashem, he will be answered. The Shiltei Gibborim zt”l said that anyone who cries during prayer has the entire heavens crying along with him…and those prayers will ultimately be fulfilled.

A boy from Bnei Brak went to the army and befriended an irreligious soldier, from a kibbutz in northern Israel. Once, they both got a pass for Shabbos. The frum boy said, “Why travel all the way to the kibbutz? We’re so close to Bnei Brak—come to my house for Shabbos instead.” His friend agreed.

When it came time to go to shul, the religious soldier said to his friend, “Why not join me?”

The kibbutznik responded good-naturedly, “I don’t really know what it’s all about, but since you asked, I’ll come along.”

The next time they had a Shabbos “off,” the kibbutznik came to shul without being invited, and slowly but surely he became a baal teshuvah.

His father had learned in cheder with the Chazon Ish and later became irreligious, and was furious. The man decided to go to the gadol ha’dor to “rectify” the situation.

“Your people kidnapped my son!” the man thundered.

“When there is a kidnapping, one usually calls the police,” the Rav said calmly.

“I’ll do worse!” threatened the father.

“Go right ahead,” the Chazon Ish retorted.

“Avremel,” exclaimed the father, “Don’t you know how many tears my father shed that I should remain frum? They didn’t help him, and this won’t help you either!”

The Chazon Ish sprang from his seat and cried, “Tears are never wasted! Your father’s tears may not have helped you, but they are helping your son!”


Neil Harris said...

The few times that I do find myself "tearing up" I tend to reflect on why I'm actually crying.

Very meaningful post to this reader, thanks.

Micha Golshevsky said...

B'simcha rabbah!