Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life in the Big City

One shochet went to the Divrei Chaim of Sanz, zt”l, for advice. “I live in a small town and eke out a minimal living through my occupation, but have been offered a position in a certain large city. I am really in a quandary whether I ought to accept the new position or continue toughing it out where I am. Perhaps the Rav can advise me.”
The Rav looked at the man in a surprised manner, “What is the question? In a big city you will make an ample living. Furthermore, it is well known that the city which has offered you the position is much more filled with Yiddishkeit than your present town which has a much smaller community. Why would you hesitate for an instant?”
“Well, my question actually stems from the gemara which states clearly that living in a big city is difficult. We are managing. Perhaps this is enough of a reason to turn the job down?”
The Divrei Chaim responded, “That is not what the Gemara means at all. The true meaning is that moving to a big city is very costly since the cost of living is far higher there than it is in a small town. Since not everyone has the money to afford the inflated costs of city life, it is generally a hardship. This doesn’t mean to say that living in a big city is not good. On the contrary, for one who can afford it, it is very good indeed!”


Shorty said...

How timely! My husband and i are trying to sell our house to move to the "big city", closer to the Jewish community. I keep reminding myself though, to trust Hashem, that our house will sell.


Micha Golshevsky said...

Everything is hashgacha!
Very glad to hear that you are spiritually in such a good place. I wish you much success in selling and finding the right house for you.