Thursday, November 3, 2011

Actions Speak for Themselves

A certain doctor called Rav Yitzchak Silberstein, shlit”a, with a fascinating question. He explained that he was about to operate on a new immigrant to Israel who was definitely Jewish but, strangely, did not have a bris. His parents had been very liberal and although they loved the land, they did not approve of the “blemish” of making a bris. “Halachically, can I make him a bris during the main procedure without his approval ahead of time?” asked the surgeon.
Rav Silberstein explained that this was only permitted if he was not planning to arrange a bris. “Also, you must first do the bris, since the other operation will place him in the category of a sick person who may not be circumcised until he is well.”
Despite the immense risk, the doctor decided to circumcise his amiable patient.
When the patient awoke and the doctor explained what he had done, the immigrant reacted in an amazing manner. “I must say that although I have never seriously entertained having a bris, now that it has been done I feel much more love for G-d and a powerful desire to fulfill mitzvos.” He added, “I also feel overpowered with gratitude towards the kind doctor who enabled me to feel all this!”


Neil Harris said...

That's an amazing story.

Micha Golshevsky said...

I also find it very inspiring.
If you want to see it inside, it's in Barchi Nafshi, Bereishis, pg. 191.