Friday, December 26, 2008

Chanukah Event Anouncment from Yehudis

Hello my friends, a freilichen Chanukah!

For those who inquired (and for those of you who didn't), the women of my community are staging a production of Rebbe Nachman's "Story of the Diamond." It is open to the public, it is in Hebrew, and I can vouch for the fact that it is wonderful. I saw it originally last summer, and I highly recommend it. Even if your Hebrew is not so strong, you can review the story first so that you are familiar with it, and you'll be fine. It is a great show to take your daughters to see--very professionally done, great acting, and deep life lessons.
They will be performing on Sunday evening, the last light of Chanukah, at Michlelet David Yellin in Beit HaKerem. The tickets cost 35 shekel, there is no assigned seating, so the best places will go to those who arrive in good time. Tickets go on sale at the auditorium in Beit HaKerem an hour before the performance. (It's called for 7:30 PM I believe, but check with the municipality at 106. The show is appearing as part of the Chanukah "Torah Culture Week" sponsored by the municipality.) If you want to get a bunch of tickets ahead or need more detailed information, call Yael Katz (the event organizer) to arrange for purchase. Her number is: 02-627-4775.

I can't emphasize enough what a great opportunity this is. Enjoy! And please pass on the information to anyone you think might like to attend. Have a wonderful, lichtige, Shabbos.


p.s. An event schedule can be found here but it's missing details. You can either call Yael for more information, or the municipality at 106.

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