Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Penetrating Analysis

Once, a simple man came to the famous Yismach Yisroel, zt”l,. The man was obviously in great distress and poured out his heart to the Rebbe. “My wife received a nasty burn a few days ago and it seems to have gotten worse. It’s so bad now that she has trouble sleeping. She is in so much pain we just can’t take it anymore! Rebbe, please daven that she recover!”
“I will definitely daven for you—Hashem will surely help!” said the Rebbe to the dismayed man.
“But,” the Rebbe added, “You must promise me that from now on there will be no more chilul Shabbos in your house!”
The man promised that from that moment they would start keeping Shabbos properly in his home.
After the man left, the Chassidim in attendance expressed their amazement, “How did the Rebbe know that the man needed to be encouraged to observe Shabbos properly? Surely this was a ‘mofes,’ a wonder!”
The Rebbe smiled and said, “This was no mofes, I merely listened carefully to what the man was saying. He said that today, Monday, the pain has gotten worse. I understood that today was probably the third day, as the verse says: ‘And on the third day, when they were in pain.” Do you think it likely that she got burned on Shabbos from her pot of cholent that is kept in the communal oven in the bakery? Most likely she had a fire going and got burnt while being mechalel Shabbos. Clearly, it was incumbent on me to adjure him to learn from this and keep Shabbos properly from now on!”

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