Friday, December 26, 2008

Spirit of the Law: Chanukah #25

(Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 139:25) “When Rosh Chodesh falls out on Shabbos we remove three Torah scrolls from the holy ark for reading...”
The Maggid of Kozhnitz, zt”l, said that our taking out three Torah scrolls on this day has great of significance. Shabbos Chanukah which is also Rosh Chodesh is connected to Rosh Hashanah, since in both cases there are three books open—on Rosh Hashanah they are the books of the righteous, the wicked, and those who are suspended between them. Also, the name Matisyahu has the same numerical value as Rosh Hashanah (861). This can be easily understood in light of what many great Chassidic masters (the Kedushas Levi, the Bnei Yissaschar, the Beis Avrohom, the Tzemach Tzedek, the Imrei Noam, the Yismach Yisrael, and many others) have stated that the final sealing of the judgment of the high holidays is on the last day of Chanukah!
Rebbe Nachman, zt”l, writes that in accordance to the “s’lach na”—the cry of “Forgive, please!”—of Yom Kippur, we merit the light of Chanukah. Reb Nosson of Breslov, zt”l, once wrote to his son, “Even if your ‘s’lach na’ was not as it should have been, if you do teshuvah now you can still rectify whatever was lacking in it!”

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