Friday, January 11, 2019

Chessed L'Avraham-Arizal Mikveh 2

Mikveh II from Maseh CHoshev Harimon Hasheni (29 minnute duration) Rabbi Eliezer of Djikov: kavanah of a mikveh is to undress, immerse and dress; Rabbi Chaim Tzanzer praised this since he meant we need to remove the soiled garments of sin, renew ourselves in the water and redress in new unsoiled garments; Rabbi Solom Kluger and that most authorities seem to oppose his view; Hashem has many names since we call Him how we view His actions (Midrash, Nefesh Hachaim etc); We are all an expression of constriction and we need to be a vehicle to divine names by connecting to the spiritual level that can be reached through them; A way of avodah to attain the spiritual level reachable by the divine names A"B Sa"g Ma"h and Be"n; A"B is seventy-two the numerical value of kindness since this level is an absolute divine kindness; It is the level of Cochmah that connotes nullifcation to Hashem (Rebbe Nachman) and a deep feeling of tranquility and serenity that you cannot explain to anyone (Ramad Vallie); How to attain this bitul; Sa"g is the level of Binah where a person applies what he felt during Chochmah and gets to a higher level of teshuvah through it; Mah is 45 the same number as Adam, man since it means emotional states of love, fear and dveykus and the resonance of those (Ba'al HaTanya); Ben has the same numerical value as beheimah, animal since it connotes dealing with the animal soul

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