Sunday, January 20, 2019

Rav Tzaddok on Tu B"Shvat part 1-2 (33 minute total duration)

Rav Tzaddok Tu B'Shvat (30 minutes long) Why we don't make Tu Bishvat earlier since the year s longer; Tuv B'shvat is a spiritual illumination; Rav Tzaddok that during this time we can fix tavas achilah; the seven minim in avodah: Mekor Chaim from Zohar that Chita is 22 since it is Torah and se'orah is sha'ar vav, mishnah and the avodah of this; Rimon to know we are filled with mitzvos as our sage say even Jewish sinners are; VItebsker they are called sinners since they do not appreciate the wealth of good they have and so fall to sin; te'enah is harvested day by so so represents being regular in avodah like Yehoshah; that being regular in learning protects from sin like Rebbe Nachman said, and this is why Adam and Chava covered themselves with fig leaves; dates tamar is the chamber of exchanges; wine is gematria sode since it brings us high if we merit it as the sages say tirosh, can read tiheyeh rosh; but be careful of wine since it can also makes one destitute, tihiyeh rash; "teshuvah makes one a new person!" and the avodah of tu bishvat Tu B'Shat part 2 (3 minute duration) kasis l'meor zayit using pressures to generate light; choosing the connection of shemen while overcoming the distance of difficulty

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