Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Rav Nosson, Komarna and Rav Tzaddok on Bo

Rav Nosson (14 minutes long) Rebbe Nachman's explanation of waking a person who is sleeping his life away through stories from ancient days; story of a person who was aroused by hearing the stories; How the story of the exodus in Egypt can wake us from spiritual slumber Komarna (18 minute duration) Not leaving over from the Korban Pesach; Pesach night is leil shimurim a night of protection; Rav Pinchas Epstein that even the impurity during the night is limited during this time; story about stuff left under the bed; Story from Avraham ben Avraham of Vilnah; Klasenberer Rebbe, we all have the same problem of dealing with the body; The Broken Vessels and giving the other side its due; Mayim achronim is one example of this; On Pesach we do not give them anything so we cannot leave over from the Pesach sacrifice; The same is true when we feel a great light don't fall later and give any of it to the other side; So Shabbos and after davening we need to be especially vigilant in this Rav Tzaddok: The deep emunah in every Jew even if he converted from Judaism as a way to rebel against G-d; Rav Zushia once rebuked a community "God loves every one of us so much. How can we do things against His will?"; Non-Jewish wagon driver asked Rav Zushia to help pick up hay and Rav Zushai said he can't, the wagon driver said "You can pick up the hay but you don't want to." Rav Zushia learned that this was from heaven. If we want to pick up the Hei the Shechinah we can can but we don't want to; Person who taught Ishibitz to someone who went off the derech did not understand it properly; Rav Morgenstern that Ishbitz is a focus on yeidiya but the level of bechirah is also always true; we do not understand how we the two are both true at the same time; Rav Nosson says to focus on bechirah before a fall and that it is from Hashem after not because the other aspect is not just as relevant; It is a strategy to help us in the practical realities of our situations. generally one who fell cannot deal with his error immediately, so better to focus on yediyah and repent later when you can; before a fall it is better to focus on bechirah

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