Friday, January 4, 2019

Komarna, Rav Tzaddok and Rav Nosson on Vaeirah

Komarna on Vaeira (11 minutes long) Hashem is right there with us in exile and takes us out of Egypt when we realize that at every instant, in every movement He is right there with us; Through this emunah we sweeten judgments with kindness; This is an aspect of tikin habris the main avodah of Shovavim Rav Tzaddok: The Ten Makkos, the Ten Sefiros and the Ten Kochos Hanefesh in us; Arizal on how the ten Makkos relate to birth; Spiritually birth is actualizing and miscarriage is failing to do so; Ramak on Isur Nidah; Arizal that sweating for a mitzvah like preparing for Shabbos or baking matzos fixes keri; The sympathetic labor camp supervisor who sent for a blessing from the "Kofetz Kaim" and the Chofetz Cham's reaction; Rav Zusia that they could not replicate Kinim since it is small teaches that when one diminishes himself with anavah evil has no hold on him Rav Nosson (8 minutes) shemad gematrai 344, ratzon 346 Moshe is the bridge between the two; Avoiding Bila'am; Remembering the tachlis; Power of visualization; bechirah what we want to happen usually does; Connecting to Moshe--tzaddikim; Chacham and Tam; explaining emunah; emunah is using sechel to understand what one should believe it; Rav Nosson from Yerushalmi--no one looks at things only with his intellect---otherwise you could never take any risk, like marriage or a job where you need to trust another; Bilam from Lavan --Lev Nun, since everything is whitewashed by Lavan; the antidote to Lavan is emes

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