Thursday, January 24, 2019

Komarna, Rav Tzaddok and Rav Nososn on Yisro

Komarna: (15 minute duration) Philosopher-Priest asked Ba'al Shem Tov: Since you believe Hashem is revealed everywhere, why can't you worship in church? Ba'al Shem Tov, for this Hashem made that every human needs to excrete waste. Sometimes you reveal G-dliness by rejecting something; Bechirah and Yediyah and Ishbitz; If one learns Ishbitz and feels his yirash shamayim slipping he is not learning it right; Rabeinu Bachayah when a person thinks about money matters during davening he transgresses the prohibition to have gods of gold and silver; Being wary of similar transgressions Rav Tzaddok: (10 minutes long) Amalek came before matan Torah since we always need a yeridah, descent before we attain an aliyah ascent; Rebbe Nachman's strategy that any fall can be converted into a descent for the sake of ascent; One reason why this is how things are is that we need humility to come to the next level; why is arrogance worse than other sins? Beis Avraham that any other sins are countered by the good we do while if one has the wrong attitude he just puffs himself up more making gavah worse; story of young man who refused all proposed matches and was told to work on humility. Later he was even harder to set up, "Now that I have humility, she is certainly not fitting.." Two stories about Rabbi Akivah Eiger's profound and apparently incomprehensible humility; Rav Shach's explanation that humility is an attitude, not what you know in your head Rav Nosson: (16 minutes length): Torah makes a clarification of fallen sparks; This takes much time so we should never be discouraged by it; tikun habris is connecting to Torah by learning lishmah; "If only they would leave Me but learn My Torah"; Learning can fix all sins if we have in mind that we want the light in torah to return us to good; Gra, Shem M'Shmuel and many others that one cannot immediately come to lishma; Rav Chaim Voluzhiner that becoming l'shmah is like climbing a many storied building, the main thing is to go in the right direction and eventually we reach the top

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